Polsilver and Wizamet blades?

Razor Burn

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Dec 4, 2017
@Razor Burn

Any update on your Wizamet order?
The guy emailed me late last week advising that the order had been shipped to @tim33z.

The usual excuse of postage delayed due to Covid and express shipping being expensive, bla bla...

I'll be super happy when this experience is all over! :banghead:


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Aug 9, 2012
Two weeks today since my blades departed Morocco and headed for Auspost's hands. Day 19 of up to 21 days estimated shipping period, so not too stressed except that it doesn't show in Auspost's system. Also have an 'untrackable' parcel from Royal Mail that doesn't show, so clearly Auspost have some issue tracking mail from (inter)national postal services. Wouldn't be a problem as they're both supposed to be signed for, but that's not happening down here due to covid. Parcels abandoned on the doorstep without warning (because the email notifications aren't working either) makes me nervous.

Trying to practice patience, but I am a grumpy fucker these days.