Hi from Brisbane.

Aug 10, 2020

Yet another Queenslander although I am just an undercover New South Welsh man living here.

Previously had used a DE but went to Cartridges years ago (cant remember why). My wife was cleaning out some of the crap in our house and came and saw me with about 10 packets of Elka Blades x 5 (Stainless Ice hardened) some still in the plastic wrapping and others opened but blades still wrapped that she grabbed from her fathers place when he passed away. I know these are old but I also know that they will work fine. She said surely they would be too old to use & I said no they would fit a DE razor just fine and they are stainless so they would be great.

So I start researching Elka and find this little corner of the Internet which talked about Elka blades from a member @Nightguard who referred to them in Shave of the day back in 2013.

So off to Shavershop I go and purchased a Wahl Razor & Brush (I only used Shaving cream previously so this is a new experience for me) to use up the Elka Blades.

Very impressed today with the feeling which is noticeably cleaner and smoother than the Mach 3 cartridge I had been using.

Anyhow hello to you all and I will see how I go with the standard Wahl and may make an upgrade request from the boss at the end of the year for my birthday.



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Feb 7, 2019
@Gargravarr seemed not a problem this morning so that was great.

Quick question how do I insert a photo ?

Was just going to load a pic of the cover. Anyhow it's now my Avatar.
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