Hello from the Sunshine Coast

Aug 8, 2020
Sunshine Coast, QLD
Jason, here's a tip on DE blades: duck into that shaver shop in Sunshine Plaza and get a pack of Feather blades. They'll show you what DE shaving is all about. Just a word of advice: take care!
Haha... Hey @Maladroit, I do have Feathers. The first time I was brave enough to load one was at about 6 weeks in. I thought I had “perfected“ my technique, rotating through a mix of Astras, Derby’s, Parkers, Wilkinson Swords, etc and I thought, I’m ready!

On the first shave I was ultra careful and got a pretty good shave with just one or two very minor weepers. Day two and I decided to “Go for it”. I was gonna get BBS. The first 2 passes went well, but I got a little greedy with the ATG pass and got a bit of a reality check 😳.

I ended up getting a week of great shaves out of that blade, but I definitely learnt to treat ‘em with respect.