Before/after vintage Gillette clean up.


... had his first - 15/8/20
Sep 3, 2018
Not usually this organised but plenty of time now in lockdown.

Before pics of a 1956 Red tip Superspeed.
Not a lot of rust or piting just a dull slightly dirty razor with worn knob paint.

Firstly it got a soak in kettle water with dish soap for an hour. Then good scrub with toothpaste and toothbrush. Already looking good!

Don't usually use metal polish but decided to this time. Only had Autosol which is mid range abrasive so went very lightly. Microfiber cloth...rub on and rub off with another. Black tarnish coming off. Then buff with another soft cloth.

Didn't have enamel paint yet so trying the nail polish technique for knob suggested on another forum. Taped it off and applied two coats. 70% happy for now.
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